The hotel and its historical background

In 1903, a prominent industrial family from Lille decided to divide into lots a vast land belonging to her. The Rue Gounod is then traced and private mansions are erected on each side of that street, according to a strict alignment and a similar Art Déco style.

Several architects worked on their building, such as the famous Armand Lemay, creator of the Villa Gounod and of its facing quasi twin, which both ponctuate the beginning of the Rue Gounod.

The Villa was occupied during a long time by the family at the roots of the project, before frequently changing of owners. The mansion was less well-cared-for over time, until these recent years where a first set of restorations turned it into a residential hotel.

In March 2016, the Villa is bought by the family Cabané who gives to it a hotel status.

Recent enhancements have completed its conversion into a small charming hotel with nine original rooms, allowing the latter to revive the concept of « boutique hotel ».